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Cannabis to Treat Migraines: Is It Effective?

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Have you ever had an extremely painful migraine that you just brushed off after taking an aspirin? Lots of people fail to take them seriously, probably because we have accepted them as something very common. Indeed, migraines are very common as more than 35 million Americans suffer from it.

While most people learn to “live with it” or ignore their migraines, you do not have to do the same. If you want to avoid modern medicine due to side effects you may have previously experienced or for other reasons, we have the perfect solution for you!

It may be time for you to turn to marijuana for its medicinal benefits. In this blog, we will talk all about the common symptoms of migraines, how cannabis can help you deal with it, which strains you should opt for, and whether you can benefit from an MMJ card in Ohio.

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Common Symptoms of Migraines

Everyone experiences migraines differently; however, the following symptoms are most commonly seen in those who suffer from it regularly.


Many people who suffer from migraine experience the following symptoms a few hours/ days prior to the actual migraine:

  • Sensitivity to sounds, sight, and smells
  • Tiredness
  • Increased appetite/ loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation


The symptoms of aura start from the nervous system and affect the vision. They usually begin subtly, taking 5-20 minutes to develop, and last for as long as an hour. The following aura symptoms can significantly hinder basic tasks:

  • Seeing black dots, flashes of light, lines, etc.
  • Tunnel vision
  • Partial/ complete loss of vision
  • Loss of sensation/ tingling in one side of the body
  • Inability to communicate
  • Ringing in ears
  • Heavy feeling in limbs

These symptoms are followed by the main migraine attack that begins as a dull pain, and increases until it’s unbearable. If you physically move around, it may get worse. So essentially, having frequent migraines isn’t just an “intense headache,” it majorly impacts your life.
Let’s explore the scope of using cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs for relieving symptoms of migraines.

Does Cannabis Help With Migraines?

Although the research on cannabis’ medical properties is still ongoing, here’s what we know for sure:

Marijuana contains hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds, of which THC and CBD are the most widely studied. When you smoke or ingest cannabis, these compounds bind themselves to the receptors in your brain responsible for anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive actions.

So, these compounds change the way the receptors work and alter your perception of pain, so you feel it very less. However, you may find that not all cannabis strains work the same, and some may be more beneficial in regulating migraine symptoms than others.

Therefore, we have listed the best strains to help with migraines below.

Best Cannabis Strains for Dealing With Migraines

Each cannabis strain has different properties, thus, they’ll react differently when consumed. So, let’s look at some recommendations that can help you deal with migraine pain and symptoms.

Purple Kush for Inducing Sleep

Migraine pain is often so bad it robs the patient of their sleep. So, the first recommendation on our list is a popular strain that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

It is a nearly pure indica cross of a Purple Afghani and a Hindu Kush. Purple Kush is well-known for its sweet flavor. It has a THC content of 22% and a CBD content that is usually less than 0.1 percent.

Purple Kush not only has beneficial sedative properties, but also the ability to relieve pain. Smoking / ingesting this strain an hour or two before bedtime can help with pains. It takes effect quickly and lasts for hours, giving you the much needed sleep to recover from migraine symptoms.

Harlequin for Calmness

Another well-known cannabis strain, Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 5:2 of CBD to THC. Due to its high CBD content, Harlequin provides a feeling of clarity and alertness, rather than causing euphoria or drowsiness. It usually contains 8-16% CBD and 4-7% THC.

Therefore, the perfect time to consume it is during the day. It is particularly helpful to those who suffer from intense pain from migraines. However, it is important to take it when you start feeling the onset of your symptoms, rather than when they are in full effect. Doing so will help you benefit more, and it may also take some time to kick in.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is quite popular amongst medical marijuana patients due to its medical properties. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with 18% THC and 2% CBD. popular for bringing wellness to the users, it also leaves euphoric effects that boost creativity.

It is perfect for consumption in the daytime, as it keeps you active and helps you perform the tasks that would otherwise be difficult to do while experiencing migraines. Moreover, the strain is perfect for dealing with physical pain. You should also note that its psychoactive effects are not as strong, they may just make you feel more social.

These are some of the strains you can use to help alleviate the symptoms of migraines.
Now, let’s read about the benefits of an MMJ card and understand its importance in Ohio.

Getting an MMJ Card in Ohio

Ohio is a state with legalized use of medical marijuana only, meaning that recreational use is not allowed within the state. So, this makes getting an MMJ card in Ohio a necessity. Now, you would want to go to an Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor that offers quick consultation so you don’t have to deal with intense migraines for longer. Ohio MMJ Card Doctor is the perfect place to get quick and easy, affordable medical marijuana recommendations!

Moreover, medical card holders often get access to exclusive deals and save money on cannabis taxes! It will also help you stay clear of trouble, lest you get caught with marijuana in Ohio- you’ll have proof that you’re a medical patient. You receive the card by email so you do not have to carry it everywhere.